Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler Olympic Park Grooming Report

Trail Last
Conflict Lake Viewpoint Closed
Into Woods Closed
Finger Lakes Trail 3 Closed
Morningstar Closed
Madeley Creek Trails Last
Neverland / Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 7AM
Madeley Creek Loop 22-Jan, 10AM
Mid-Madeley Falls 21-Jan, 7AM
Olympic Biathlon Penalty Lap 23-Jan, 3AM
Rich's Return Closed
Twilight Meadows Closed
Wetland Wanderer 3 10-Jan, 11AM
Keith's Challenge 21-Jan, 6AM
Lunch Lake 21-Jan, 7AM
Madeley Road 21-Jan, 6AM
Norwegian Woods 21-Jan, 7AM
Olympic Cross-Country / Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 7AM
Olympic Nordic Combined Cutoff 23-Jan, 3AM
Way To Go 15-Jan, 8AM
Callaghan Connector 17-Jan, 5AM
Cut Off 23-Jan, 5AM
Falls Bypass 17-Jan, 4AM
Howe It Goes 17-Jan, 5AM
Loon Lake Loop 16-Jan, 5AM
Olympic Cross-Country / Ski Jump Loop 23-Jan, 5AM
Olympic Plateau Trails Last
Neverland Trail 23-Jan, 7AM
1/2 Way Around the World 23-Jan, 7AM
Around the World 23-Jan, 7AM
Brandywine View 23-Jan, 8AM
Inside Passage 22-Jan, 10AM
Olympic Connector 23-Jan, 6AM
Outrun 23-Jan, 6AM
Over Easy 22-Jan, 6AM
Porters Glide 22-Jan, 8AM
Top of the World 23-Jan, 8AM
Biathlon Connector 22-Jan, 2AM
Glide Connector 22-Jan, 7AM
Lower Line Road 23-Jan, 7AM
Mountain View 23-Jan, 7AM
Olympic Biathlon 23-Jan, 4AM
Olympic Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 5AM
Cross Train Closed
Metal Dome 23-Jan, 8AM
Solitude Valley & Upper Callaghan Trails Last
Conflict Lake Trail / Meadows Loop Closed
Meadows Loop Closed
Parkway Closed
Solitude Loop Closed
Mainline Closed
Real Life Closed
Ring Valley Closed
Upper Wild Spirit Closed
Wild Spirit Closed

Report at 23-Jan, 8:25AM PST

At 6:30 am it's 0°C with light snow falling. Most trail will be groomed and track-set. you will ski on a soft-packed machine groomed surface over a hard base.

Snowshoe trails : Most of our snowshoe trails have been packed down..

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