Strathcona Wilderness Centre

Strathcona Wilderness Centre Grooming Report

Trail Last
Bennett Lake Loop Closed Closed
Fox Loop 22-Jan 22-Jan
Owl Loop 22-Jan 22-Jan
Wagon Loop 22-Jan 22-Jan
Deer Run 23-Jan 23-Jan
Moose 23-Jan 23-Jan
Multi-Purpose 23-Jan 23-Jan
Old Ridgeway East 22-Jan 22-Jan
Old Ridgeway West 19-Jan 17-Jan
Coyote Run 22-Jan 22-Jan

Report at 23-Jan, 9:25AM MST

We received ~10-12cm of snow yesterday; all trails being packed and groomed, conditions very good - excellent. Bennet Lake Loop closed due to water on the ice surface.- Comment last updated: Jan-23 8AM

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