Ribbon Creek Grooming Report

Ribbon Creek Area Last
Bill Milne (Kovach to Golf Course) 20-Feb 20-Feb
Bill Milne (Kovach to Ribbon Parking) 18-Feb 18-Feb
Coal Mine 18-Feb 18-Feb
Hay Meadows Trail 19-Feb 19-Feb
Hidden 13-Feb 13-Feb
High Level 19-Feb 19-Feb
Link 18-Feb 18-Feb
Ribbon Creek 18-Feb 18-Feb
Ruthie's 19-Feb 19-Feb
Skogan Pass 19-Feb 19-Feb
Skogan Pass Loop 19-Feb 19-Feb
Sunburst 19-Feb 19-Feb
Terrace North to Ribbon Day Use 19-Feb 19-Feb
Troll Falls 19-Feb 19-Feb
Kananaskis Village Area Last
Aspen 13-Feb 13-Feb
Bill Milne (Village to Kovach) 20-Feb 20-Feb
Kovach 18-Feb 18-Feb
Kovach/Terrace South 13-Feb 13-Feb
Terrace Link 18-Feb 18-Feb
Terrace North 19-Feb 19-Feb
Wedge Pond Area Last
Bill Milne (Golf Course to Mount Kidd) 20-Feb 20-Feb
Bill Milne (Mount Kidd to Wedge Pond) 20-Feb 20-Feb
Evan Thomas Fire Road 20-Feb 20-Feb
Wedge Connector 13-Feb 13-Feb

Report at 20-Feb, 11:24AM MST

Feb 19 10 to 15 cm new snow in the Skogan Pass trail system since the last grooming shift making for great conditions. Be aware of a couple smaller ice floes on lower Skogan Pass that need to be navigated around.

Feb 18: Approximately 5-7 cm of new snow since Feb 13 grooming. Expect skier set tracks on all trails not groomed on the 18th.

Feb 13: Bill Milne and Wedge Connector trackset with skate lane and Evan Thomas double trackset today. 7 to 12 cm over the previous grooming making for great conditions. The ice floe 0.5 km south of the Kananaskis River bridge on Bill Milne persists. Please use the signed detour. A new ice floe as well on Bill Milne on the Ribbon Creek side of the Kananaskis River bridge needs to be navigated around. Use caution.

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