Peter Lougheed Provincial Park Grooming Report

Pocaterra/Elkwood Area Last
Amos 15-Feb 15-Feb
Braille 19-Feb 19-Feb
Come Along 15-Feb 15-Feb
Lodgepole 19-Feb 19-Feb
Lynx 15-Feb 15-Feb
Meadow - VIC to Lodgepole 19-Feb 19-Feb
Meadow - Vic to Elkwood 08-Feb 08-Feb
Pocaterra 16-Feb 16-Feb
Pocaterra - Lynx to Packers 15-Feb 15-Feb
Pocaterra - PHut to Lynx 16-Feb 16-Feb
Pocaterra Grid 16-Feb 16-Feb
Rolly Road 16-Feb 16-Feb
Rolly Road Grid 16-Feb 16-Feb
Sinclair 19-Feb 19-Feb
Spruce Road 19-Feb 19-Feb
Wheeler 17-Feb 17-Feb
William Watson Lodge Access 19-Feb 19-Feb
Woolley 08-Feb 08-Feb
Boulton/Elk Pass Area Last
Blueberry Hill 13-Feb 13-Feb
Boulton Creek 12-Feb 07-Feb
Elk Pass Trail - N.Hydroline Jct. to Tyrwhitt Jct. 13-Feb 13-Feb
Elk Pass Trail - Trailhead to Hydroline Jct. 18-Feb 18-Feb
Fox Creek 14-Feb 14-Feb
Hydroline Trail 18-Feb 18-Feb
Lookout - North Side 18-Feb 18-Feb
Lookout - South Side 18-Feb 18-Feb
Lower Lake Group Camp 17-Feb 17-Feb
Moraine 14-Feb 14-Feb
Packers 16-Feb 16-Feb
Patterson 13-Feb 13-Feb
Pocaterra - Packers to Tyrwhitt 16-Feb 16-Feb
Tyrwhitt 17-Feb 17-Feb
Upper Lake Connector 17-Feb 17-Feb
Whiskey Jack 16-Feb 16-Feb

Report at 20-Feb, 10:57AM MST

Feb 18th: Some very light flurries fell overnight on Sunday with just a skiff of fresh snow having accumulated on the earliest grooming as of 3AM, with no snow falling at that time. Periodic snowfall over the last 2 weeks, as well as some extra shovelling, has improved the base considerably in PLPP, and most early season hazards are now covered. There are still some thin spots (mostly under trees) and exposed brush possible on some of the lower elevation trails in the north and middle areas of the trail system, and these trails have a thinner base than usual for this time of year with some bumps and off camber surfaces existing in places. While the lower elevation trails have experienced below normal snow accumulation so far this season, in contrast, the south end and high elevation trails have a good base and the natural hazards are covered.

On Pocaterra, there are still a couple of thin spots and uneven surfaces between Pocaterra Hut and Lynx junction. Come Along still has some thin spots under a few trees, and it was not fully trackset. Packers is much improved with just a few bumpy spots and a bit of exposed brush. Lower Lake Group trail still has some bumps, and lots of exposed brush. Boulton Creek was groomed only on February 12th (unable to set track in cold temps). Use extra caution on hills and fast turns for hazards such as uneven and rough tread. The base remains a little thin on Moraine, and tread surface may be uneven in places. The early season hazards are now covered on Lookout, but extra caution is always advised when descending, especially the steep south side, and be aware that any of the sharp corners may contain uneven surfaces. Note: Fat biking is not permitted on this trail system.

No dogs allowed- Comment last updated: Feb-18 3AM

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