Mt Shark Grooming Report

Trail Last
15 km loop 16-Jan 16-Jan
Biathlon Area 16-Jan 09-Jan
Blue 2km Loop 16-Jan 16-Jan
Mt Shark Helipad Access 16-Jan 16-Jan
Red 5km Loop 16-Jan 16-Jan
Red/Black 5km Loop 16-Jan 16-Jan
Red/Purple 5km Loop 16-Jan 16-Jan
Watridge Lake Trail 16-Jan 16-Jan
Watridge to Spray River 16-Jan 16-Jan
Yellow 10km Loop 16-Jan 16-Jan

Report at 23-Jan, 9:52AM MST

Jan 16th, 2020: Snow flurries at Mt Shark on Thursday turned to light but persistent snow after dark, with 2 to 3cm's of snow falling during the grooming; expect some snow on all fresh grooming. All trails were groomed and trackset on Thursday. With recent high winds, and many downed trees removed from the trails, there is some tree debris mixed in to the grooming in places. The extensive snowfall of late December has caused some branches, as well as some small leaning trees, to encroach on to the trails in places. Scores of these were removed on Thursday, but there are still many more to be removed in the coming weeks; use caution for these hazards if skiing on the edges of the trails. There is some dirt and debris mixed in to the snow on the left side of a very steep uphill about 1.5 km's in to the Red 5km loop (and 10 and 15k loops), and it is possible there are other places where dirt or small rocks have been brought to the surface.- Comment last updated: Jan-17 2AM

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