Mt Shark Grooming Report

Trail Last
15 km loop 26-Feb 26-Feb
Biathlon Area 26-Feb 26-Feb
Blue 2km Loop 26-Feb 26-Feb
Mt Shark Helipad Access 26-Feb 26-Feb
Red 5km Loop 26-Feb 26-Feb
Red/Black 5km Loop 26-Feb 26-Feb
Red/Purple 5km Loop 26-Feb 26-Feb
Watridge Lake Trail 26-Feb 26-Feb
Watridge to Spray River 26-Feb 26-Feb
Yellow 10km Loop 26-Feb 26-Feb

Report at 28-Feb, 4:33AM MST

Feb 27th, 2020: All trails at Mt Shark were groomed and trackset on Wednesday, with a few light flurries in the evening leaving barely a discernible trace of new snow at the time the grooming was finished. With only about 5cm's or so of new snow falling each week since the major rain a few weeks ago, the snow base is quite firm but with enough new snow to keep the ice mainly below trail surface. - Comment last updated: Feb-27 12AM

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