Mt Shark Grooming Report

Trail Last
15 km loop 12-Apr 12-Apr
Biathlon Area 18-Apr 15-Mar
Blue 2km Loop 19-Apr 19-Apr
Mt Shark Helipad Access 11-Apr 11-Apr
Red 5km Loop 19-Apr 19-Apr
Red/Black 5km Loop 18-Apr 18-Apr
Red/Purple 5km Loop 18-Apr 18-Apr
Watridge Lake Trail 18-Apr 18-Apr
Watridge to Spray River 18-Apr 18-Apr
Yellow 10km Loop 19-Apr 19-Apr

Report at 19-Apr, 4:29AM MDT

April 19th: Some rain moved in earlier than expected and on Thursday night showers and then drizzle fell almost continuously throughout the grooming period. When the grooming was completed, light drizzle was still falling in the Mt Shark parking lot and no sign of new snow had been seen during the night. The first 2km's of the Yellow 10 (and Red 5) were not groomed and have some icy, thin and bare spots. On Watridge Lake trail, the spur down to the lake is very icy and was not groomed. There are a number of sun exposed, very thin and/or icy spots, as well as some exposed brush, on the Yellow 10, and especially on the extra 5 of the 15k (which was not groomed this week and will have some bare spots) and exposed dirt and/or rocks exist in a few places, generally on the edges. The trackset was lifted in a few places due to thin or icy spots.

With the recent intense heat, and long hours of sunlight, the snowpack is shrinking quickly at Mt Shark. The snow base is still skiable on much of the trail system but it is getting pretty thin and/or icy in many sun exposed locations, with some bare edges encroaching on to the trail in quite a few spots as well, There is some bare ground and rocks right at the end of the spur to Watridge Lake, on the Lake shore, and the first 50m of Watridge Lake Trail from the parking lot is bare as well. Thin and icy spots exist in the vicinity of the junction to the lake and a few spots beyond towards the river. There is one spot on the decent to the river that was covered with some snow but will become bare again in the next few days. The top of the 2nd hill on the Yellow 10 (and Red 5) is bare (and likely there are other bare and/or very icy spots on the first 2km's of trail), and on the extra 5k of the 15k loop the problem sharp corner at a high point is now bare, with the rough detour made just below it also mostly bare, and there are other bare spots on this loop as well With melt/freeze conditions existing throughout the Mt Shark system, refreshed snow conditions will be found during the morning following grooming operations, but on days when grooming has not occurred, expect icy/glazed over trails during the morning hours with trails become soft in the afternoon if and when temperatures rise above the freezing mark. Be Bear Aware- though no tracks have yet been seen on the Mt Shark trails, bears are now active.- Comment last updated: Apr-19 3AM

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