Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Biathlon 20-Mar
By Pass 21-Mar
Centennial 24-Mar
Horse Trail 0 20-Mar
Kinnikinnick 0 20-Mar
Meadow 21-Mar
Meadow Trail 0 20-Mar
Moose Pasture 23-Mar
Mussers 0 13-Mar
Rock Slide Trail 0 20-Mar
Roy's Cut 0 20-Mar
Snow Bird 23-Mar
Spruce 24-Mar
The Glenn 0 20-Mar
Trap Line 23-Mar
Double Scotch 23-Mar
Jackrabbit 24-Mar
K-2 23-Mar
Landsem 22-Mar
Lower Cardiac 16-Mar
Lowrider 21-Mar
Roller Coaster 23-Mar
Shorty 14-Mar
Triple Bypass 08-Mar
Cardiac Arrest 14-Mar
Giddy-Up 14-Mar
Highlander 23-Mar
K-1 23-Mar
Larch Loops 14-Mar
Screwdriver 23-Mar

Report at 24-Mar, 5:06PM MDT

For the week of March 25th to 31st.. Due to snow conditions we will be marginally open for one more week. You can still come get a few more skis in... but ski with care! The trail use fee is 5.00 min donation please put in blue drop box on front of Kiosk.. The lodge will still be open daily until months end. Kiosk will be manned one last weekend on the 30th/ 31st from 10-3- Ski rentals are now closed for the season. A fantastic season ! thanks all for making this such a welcoming , family orientated, volunteer based, all around great XC ski destination !! A huge thank you to all the fantastic Volunteers,staff and executive which work hard to create such a fantastic facility for both local and visitors to the Kimberley area ! Well done !

over and out for the season - Angela- Kristine- Terri-Andrea - "The Kiosk team !!" - Comment last updated: Mar-24 3PM

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