Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Biathlon 21-Jan
By Pass 21-Jan
Centennial 21-Jan
Horse Trail 0 19-Jan
Kinnikinnick 0 19-Jan
Meadow 21-Jan
Meadow Trail 0 19-Jan
Moose Pasture 20-Jan
Mussers 0 19-Jan
Rock Slide Trail 0 19-Jan
Roy's Cut 0 19-Jan
Snow Bird 21-Jan
Spruce 21-Jan
The Glenn 0 19-Jan
Trap Line 21-Jan
Double Scotch 19-Jan
Jackrabbit 19-Jan
K-2 19-Jan
Landsem 20-Jan
Lower Cardiac 20-Jan
Lowrider 20-Jan
Roller Coaster 21-Jan
Shorty 19-Jan
Triple Bypass 08-Jan
Cardiac Arrest 20-Jan
Giddy-Up 20-Jan
Highlander 19-Jan
K-1 19-Jan
Larch Loops 20-Jan
Screwdriver 19-Jan

Report at 21-Jan, 6:21AM MST

Sunday Jan 20th- A brilliant sunny morning up here !!.. Its -8 degrees and warming.. Currently clear skies but weatherman says afternoon clouds.. If it stays clear though, the lunar eclipse on skis tonight around 9 could be pretty magical?? .All trails have been groomed again this early morning and there is crisp classic tracks and picture perfect corduroy awaiting both those skate and classic enthusiasts.. Angela

.. Please think about carpooling with a friend.. there are now dedicated VIP parking spots up front and center for carpool vehicles as a reward !! Please park as close as possible to the next vehicle so that all you great ski enthusiasts can also get a spot ! Thanks in Advance !! Angela

NEW GROOMING FORMAT !! We will be tweaking our track setting !! please provide (constructive) feedback to kiosk.. The main runs Centennial, Snowbird,, Trapline, Soruce and Meadow trails will be changed to 2 classic tracks -but side by side: on one side of run__ and skate will be on other side of run. Thus allowing for a "Social trail"" setup. and skate skiers should not be as prone to "cut " the classic tracks. Same trail use edicate will apply - Same as driving on the road..- if oncoming traffic is approaching move to the right side track and allow traffic to pass by on the left..Don't forget to Smile and say Hi !! In most circumstances please yield to skier coming downhill in single track runs.,as its easier for the slower uphill skier to step out of the way....eye contact and a smile goes a long way too !!..Also a quick safety reminder.. please do not stop to chat at intersections as there are merging skiers coming in from multiple directions.. and when you do stop to rest, check maps, socialise etc step out of the tracks to the side (not middle) of trail to allow through skiers to pass safely !! thanks- Comment last updated: Jan-20 9AM

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