Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Biathlon 23-Jan
By Pass 23-Jan
Centennial 23-Jan
Horse Trail 0 21-Jan
Kinnikinnick 0 21-Jan
Meadow 23-Jan
Meadow Trail 0 21-Jan
Moose Pasture 23-Jan
Mussers 0 21-Jan
Rock Slide Trail 0 21-Jan
Roy's Cut 0 21-Jan
Snow Bird 23-Jan
Spruce 23-Jan
The Glenn 0 21-Jan
Trap Line 23-Jan
Double Scotch 23-Jan
Jackrabbit 23-Jan
K-2 23-Jan
Landsem 23-Jan
Lower Cardiac 23-Jan
Lowrider 23-Jan
Roller Coaster 23-Jan
Shorty 23-Jan
Triple Bypass 20-Jan
Cardiac Arrest 23-Jan
Giddy-Up 22-Jan
Highlander 23-Jan
K-1 22-Jan
Larch Loops 22-Jan
Screwdriver 22-Jan

Report at 23-Jan, 9:26AM MST

Thursday January 23rd

Welcome Skiers !!! It is a calm morning of -2C with a soft snow falling up here at the club Kiosk. Although there are not as many early morning skiers as yesterday the trails are freshly groomed and ready for your arrival. It appears that our tracker identifying which trails were groomed is down; however, the groomer did say that all trails except Larch Loops has been done as of this morning. A Big Thank You to the Groomers!

The parking lot is presently undergoing snow removal so please watch for the machinery and park facing the hill until they have finished. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

A few items have been left at the lodge or found on the trails this week so if you are missing something check out the bins on the shelving at the back of the lodge or at the Kiosk for valuable items. It is hard to believe that we are moving towards the end of January already and the mild weather has me thinking it might be an early spring. One can never tell! With that in mind, I encourage you to come on up to take in the sights and sounds of skiing on our great trails!!! EnJoy!!!!

Kristine- Kiosk Attendant

Guest Comments It was Wonderful! (Cranbrook) Wonderful! Thanks! (Regina) Ski time is the best time! (Kimberley) Great Trails! (Montana)

Note to drivers-- as the snow piles up in the parking lot the parking challenge increases.. PLEASE park as close as possible to the next vehicle . Center aisle is for SMALL CARS ONLY. and you need to park right up tight to the rope guide line !!. Pick ups and vans please park as far forward on the outside spots and check behind your vehicle that the drive lane remains clear.. This is a fire lane access to the lodge and hydrant and we need to maintain a usable drive lane for a firetruck in case of emergency. Thank you all for your understanding in this matter..It is an ongoing concern and we are trying to deal with it as best we can.

Check out the GPS tracker on the sno cat to see which runs have been groomed each day.. as of this morning all main and secondary are groomed and in excellent shape. Come try out a new route..feel free to ask us here in kiosk for some great runs for all levels..

Kiosk Attendants extraordinaire!!

Hey did you know we now have a small fleet of adult SKATE SKI rentals available for those of you who want to give it a try !! come check it out !!

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