Kelowna Nordic

Kelowna Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
Beaver Run 19-Jan
Ernie's Lane 19-Jan
Jackrabbit 14-Jan
Log Cabin 19-Jan
Meadow 19-Jan
Riverside Connector 18-Jan
Sawmill 19-Jan
Sawmill Connector 11-Jan
That Damn Trail 18-Jan
Thunder Mountain 19-Jan
Backcountry 19-Jan
Backcountry Connector 18-Jan
Diamond Dave's 19-Jan
Fletcher Challenge 19-Jan
Hawk Hill 19-Jan
JDS Energy Trail 19-Jan
K-9 Trail 11-Jan
Kallis Creek 19-Jan
Lookout 19-Jan
Lower Meadow 19-Jan
Mochi's Trail 19-Jan
Ol' 33 19-Jan
Old Cedar Trail 19-Jan
Olympic 19-Jan
Riverside 19-Jan
Spruce Glen 19-Jan
Upper Meadow 19-Jan
Black Beauty Closed
Panorama Closed
Rollercoaster 19-Jan

Report at 21-Jan, 6:47AM PST

Sunday Jan 20th -9C High overcast. Groomed overnight. (Ski Tracker will show as yesterday). Most trails are very good. Had a couple of minor problems in the Backcountry/Fletcher area but still OK to ski.. Not every trail was re-done. Those that weren't are in great shape from yesterday. Fresh Air Demo Day today at the main cabin. Come and trade in those misery sticks, handed down to you from the fur trade era, for some wings for your feet. No need for your performance enhancing drugs anymore - the new gear will do it.- Comment last updated: Jan-20 8AM

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