Devil's Thumb Ranch

Devil's Thumb Ranch Grooming Report

Zone A (Central) Last
Broken Barn 05-Dec, 8AM
Connector 05-Dec, 8AM
Meadow 04-Dec, 6AM
Radcliff 05-Dec, 8AM
Ranch Walk 05-Dec, 7AM
Stage Route 05-Dec, 8AM
Start Green 05-Dec, 8AM
Yager Loop 05-Dec, 8AM
Blue Extra 05-Dec, 9AM
Coyote 05-Dec, 10AM
Sawmill Loop 05-Dec, 8AM
Swindler 05-Dec, 8AM
Zone B (Black 10) Last
Molly's Meadow Closed
Homer's Heifers Closed
Devil's Falls Closed
Kikkan & Jessie Closed
Meander Closed
Monster Cookie Closed
Nor'Way Closed
Taylor's Traverse Closed
Wilson's Way Closed
Zone C (North) Last
Left Field 05-Dec, 11AM
Creekside Closed
Friends Closed
Ram's Curl Closed
Ute Camp Closed
Marker Hill Closed
Screamer Closed
Zone D (East) Last
Double Pole Closed
Chambers Closed
Hartshorn Closed
The LBC Closed
Disco Closed
Lactic Grande Closed
Little Cabin 04-Dec, 1PM
Sidecut Closed
Waxwing 05-Dec, 3PM
Wesley Closed

Report at 06-Dec, 1:18AM MST


We are currently rolling and grooming yet unopened trails. Please stop in the shop to check trail openings and the most recent information. If you see a trail that looks like it has been groomed (such as Friends), but is not currently open, please stay off of it! These trails need a bit more snow to cover up vegetation and obstacles that you do not want to be hitting on your skis. We will mark trails as open on here when we open them and the shop will have updated openings as well.- Comment last updated: Dec-04 8AM

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