Devil's Thumb Ranch

Devil's Thumb Ranch Grooming Report

Black 10 Last
Molly's Meadow Closed
Homer's Hefers Closed
Homer's Heifers Closed
Meander Closed
Slabpile Closed
5k Cutoff Closed
Black 10 Closed
Devil's Falls Closed
South Last
Basin 15-Apr, 4PM
Broken Barn 13-Apr, 9AM
Meadow 13-Apr, 11AM
Radcliff 13-Apr, 11AM
Ranch Walk 15-Apr, 4PM
Stage Route 12-Apr, 9AM
Start Green 13-Apr, 11AM
Yager Loop 12-Apr, 10AM
Homestead 12-Apr, 10AM
Lakeside -
North Last
Left Field Closed
Coyote 14-Apr, 7AM
Creekside Closed
Friends Closed
Ram's Curl Closed
Ram's Head Closed
Marker Hill Closed
East Last
Double Pole Closed
Blue Extra Closed
Chambers Closed
Hartshorn Closed
Sawmill Loop Closed
Swindler Closed
The LBC Closed
Ute Camp Closed
Disco Closed
Inferno Closed
Lactic Grande Closed
Little Cabin Closed
Screamer Closed
Sidecut Closed
Waxwing Closed
Wesley Closed

Report at 19-Apr, 4:44AM MDT

4/18- It is snowing lightly this morning.. We have 15k of trails open, Ranch Walk, Broken Barn, Radcliff, Stage Route and Start Green. The classic tracks are frozen in early mornings and will soften up later.
We are extending our closing date to 28th, of April, weather depending, $10 trail fee.

Temperature at 8am, 22 degrees, high of 40 degrees.

Wax report: > AM Glide Wax: Swix LF7- AM Kick Wax: Swix KUniversal

> PM Glide Wax: LF8 - PM Kick Wax: Swix KUniversal- Comment last updated: Apr-18 8AM

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