Crested Butte Grooming Report

Trail Last
CB Nordic Practice Loop 21-Jan, 3AM
Ditch Trail East 20-Jan, 9AM
Ditch Trail West 20-Jan, 9AM
Red Lady 19-Jan, 7AM
Skyland PO 21-Jan, 4AM
Tony's Trail 21-Jan, 4AM
Down by the River 20-Jan, 7AM
MM Connector 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 1 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 2 20-Jan, 7AM
Magic Meadows 3 20-Jan, 8AM
Mine Shaft 19-Jan, 3AM
Skyland CC 21-Jan, 4AM
Skyland Golf Course 19-Jan, 5AM
Sprint course 20-Jan, 10AM
Sprint turnaround 21-Jan, 3AM
Magic Meadows 5 20-Jan, 8AM
West Side Last
Kapushion 19-Jan, 3AM
Mike's Mile 20-Jan, 7AM
Pooch's Paradise 20-Jan, 7AM
Beaver Trail 20-Jan, 8AM
Inner Magic Meadows 3 20-Jan, 7AM
Lower Red Lady 20-Jan, 5AM
Upper Red Lady 20-Jan, 5AM
GB Loop 20-Jan, 7AM
Paradise Park 19-Jan, 5AM
Powerline 19-Jan, 7AM
East Side Last
Gulch Connector 21-Jan, 6AM
Rec Path 19-Jan, 8AM
Riverbend Trail 21-Jan, 4AM
Teocalli Connector 19-Jan, 8AM
The Maze 21-Jan, 6AM
Town Ranch 21-Jan, 4AM
Town Ranch Connector 21-Jan, 3AM
Middle Earth 21-Jan, 5AM
Rudy's Rollers 21-Jan, 6AM
Mordor Closed
Ruthies Run Last
Ruthie's Connector 21-Jan, 3AM
Ruthie's West 21-Jan, 3AM
Ruthie's East 21-Jan, 3AM

Report at 21-Jan, 6:28AM MST

The sun is shining in Crested Butte today! The bench and the West side are groomed. Recommended skiing is on the East side. All that is left to do is bundle up and have a wonderful Monday out on the trails! - Comment last updated: Jan-14 8AM

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