Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre Grooming Report

Competition XC Trails Last
Centennial 26-Mar 26-Mar
Olympic 27-Mar 27-Mar
Night Skiing Trails Last
Banff 27-Mar 27-Mar
Bow Teardrop 27-Mar 27-Mar
Lynx 25-Mar 25-Mar
Natural Snow Trails Last
Banff Loop 27-Mar 27-Mar
Banff Loop Junction #2-#5 12-Mar 12-Mar
Banff beyond Meadow 25-Mar 25-Mar
Cold Shoulder 22-Mar 22-Mar
Bow 25-Mar 25-Mar
Coal Cut 22-Mar 22-Mar
Grey Wolf 26-Mar 26-Mar
Meadowview 26-Mar 26-Mar
Osprey 22-Mar 22-Mar
Salt Lake 3km Cut-off 22-Mar 22-Mar
Wooded Bliss 22-Mar 22-Mar
Bruin 25-Mar 25-Mar
Bruin Cub 26-Mar 26-Mar
Chipmunk 22-Mar 22-Mar
Coyote 22-Mar 22-Mar
Flying Squirrel 25-Mar 25-Mar
Freddie's Flip 22-Mar 22-Mar
King of Sweden 22-Mar 22-Mar
Rollercoaster 22-Mar 22-Mar
Rundle 26-Mar 26-Mar
Salt Lake 25-Mar 25-Mar
Silvertip 26-Mar 26-Mar
Snowshoe Hare 26-Mar 26-Mar
Wolverine 26-Mar 26-Mar
Competition Biathlon Trails Last
Albertville 25-Mar 25-Mar
Lillehammer Loop 25-Mar 25-Mar
Nagano 24-Mar 24-Mar
Sarajevo 24-Mar 24-Mar
Salt Lake - Biathlon Comp 24-Mar 24-Mar

Report at 07-Apr, 12:07AM MDT

Effective Friday, March 27 at midnight vehicle access is temporarily suspended at access points to Alberta’s provincial parks and recreation areas for recreation purposes until further notice.

If a car is required to access a park or recreation area, do not go. Please do not leave vehicles on the side of the road or on private property. Walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding and off-highway vehicle use are still permitted on designated trails and users are reminded to practice physical distancing.

The restrictions are in place to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and are the same restrictions that are currently in place at national parks.

Additionally, visitor services are suspended, and all facilities, including washrooms, are closed.

Now is not the time to visit our provincial parks or recreation areas. If you have plans to visit one of these areas in the coming days, please cancel your plans.

We recognize this news is disappointing to our avid park visitors and recreationists. The COVID-19 virus is serious and we encourage Albertans to stay home and to go for a walk in their neighborhood - remembering to practice physical distancing (remaining two metres apart from others) at all times.

The safety of our parks visitors, staff and volunteers and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 is our top priority.

This is about everyone’s safety and wellbeing and we hope Albertans will comply. Enforcement officers will be doing routine checks in provincial parks and recreation areas to support education and awareness with the public on the temporary closure. Officers can issue fines for non-compliance if required. Officers will also issue fines for littering.

The vehicle restriction will be in effect until we are confident the health and public safety risk from COVID-19 is reduced.

Grooming update: Grooming is now suspended.

Snowmaking update: Snow making ongoing at Frozen Thunder snow storage site when temp <-5C, caution for sleds traveling between the stadium and storage site.  - Comment last updated: Mar-28 8AM

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