Caledonia Nordic Grooming Report

Dog Trails Last
Dog On It 13-Apr, 6AM 31-Mar, 5AM
Under Dog 13-Apr, 6AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Dog Bypass 13-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Top Dog 13-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 6AM
Ski Trails Last
Bullseye 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Gravel Pit 12-Apr, 8AM 29-Mar, 7AM
Greenway Corridor 13-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Iceman 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Penalty Loop 03-Apr, 8AM -
Pine Flats 13-Apr, 7AM 10-Apr, 9AM
Stadium 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Supersprint 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Tigger 10-Apr, 9AM 10-Apr, 9AM
Canada Cup 13-Apr, 8AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Fingers 13-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Hickory Wing 11-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Homecoming 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 7AM
Iceman Cutoff 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Larch Loop 13-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 8AM
Northern Lights 13-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Pond Cutoff 12-Apr, 9AM 29-Mar, 8AM
Race Maze 12-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 9AM
Teardrop 13-Apr, 7AM 31-Mar, 7AM
The Hub 12-Apr, 9AM 29-Mar, 8AM
Up The Creek 11-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Chute 13-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Cranbrook Climb 11-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 8AM
Eh Climb 12-Apr, 9AM 02-Apr, 9AM
Fir Thur Up The Creek 08-Apr, 9AM 24-Mar, 10AM
Hickory Wing West 11-Apr, 10AM 01-Apr, 8AM
High Five 12-Apr, 9AM 02-Apr, 9AM
Inner 5 13-Apr, 9AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Junior National 01-Apr, 7AM 15-Mar, 6AM
Lynx 03-Apr, 6AM 15-Mar, 7AM
Night Rider 13-Apr, 8AM 31-Mar, 9AM
Old Sawmill Loop 11-Apr, 9AM 01-Apr, 7AM
.Snowshoe Trails Last
AC/DC 3 - -
Curves 3 - -
Dirtbag 3 - -
Espresso 3 - -
Freeway 3 - -
Home Run 3 - -
Karma 3 - -
Midway (lower) 3 - -
Tin Can Alley 3 - -
Twister (lower) 3 - -

Report at 20-Sep, 9:17AM PDT

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