West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek Grooming Report

Cross Country Ski Trails Last
Bunny Loop 16-Feb 08-Feb
Crystal Line - East 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Line - Middle 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Line - West 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Link #1 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Link #2 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Link #3 17-Feb 17-Feb
Crystal Link #4 17-Feb 17-Feb
Elbow - North 17-Feb 17-Feb
Elbow - South 19-Feb 23-Feb
Hostel Loop 17-Feb 17-Feb
Hostel Meadow 17-Feb 17-Feb
Iron Springs 17-Feb 17-Feb
Loggers Loop 17-Feb 17-Feb
Moose Connector 18-Feb 18-Feb
Moose Loop 18-Feb 18-Feb
Mountain View 17-Feb 17-Feb
Mountain View West 18-Feb 18-Feb
Sundog Loop - East 17-Feb 17-Feb
Sundog Loop - West 17-Feb 17-Feb
Multi-Use Trails Last
Iron Creek 17-Feb 17-Feb
Mountain Road 19-Feb 19-Feb
Mountain Road West 18-Feb 18-Feb
Telephone Loop 13-Feb -

Report at 20-Feb, 10:37AM MST

Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. 

As of Monday morning, all trails under the care of the GBCTA have been groomed and track set within the last 24 hrs. All trails are in great shape albeit somewhat soft in areas track set this morning. The only hazards at present are ice flows in the following locations: East Telephone north of Hostel Loop N intersection, West Telephone at Reconnect and Moose Loop N intersections, and Iron Creek near TCT intersection. Lots of smiling faces this morning! Enjoy!

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