West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek Grooming Report

Cross Country Ski Trails Last
Bunny Loop 05-Dec 05-Dec
Crystal Line - East 05-Dec 05-Dec
Crystal Line - Middle 29-Nov 29-Nov
Crystal Line - West 04-Dec 04-Dec
Crystal Link #1 04-Dec 04-Dec
Crystal Link #2 29-Nov 29-Nov
Crystal Link #3 29-Nov 29-Nov
Crystal Link #4 29-Nov 29-Nov
Elbow - North 05-Dec 05-Dec
Elbow - South 05-Dec 05-Dec
Hostel Loop 05-Dec 05-Dec
Hostel Meadow 05-Dec 05-Dec
Iron Springs 05-Dec 05-Dec
Loggers Loop 05-Dec 05-Dec
Moose Connector 05-Dec 05-Dec
Moose Loop 05-Dec 05-Dec
Mountain View 05-Dec 05-Dec
Mountain View West 05-Dec 05-Dec
Sundog Loop - East 05-Dec 05-Dec
Sundog Loop - West 05-Dec 05-Dec
Multi-Use Trails Last
Iron Creek 05-Dec 05-Dec
Mountain Road 05-Dec 05-Dec
Mountain Road West 05-Dec 05-Dec
Telephone Loop 29-Nov 29-Nov

Report at 06-Dec, 1:09AM MST

All trails with the exception of Telephone have now been groomed and track set after a lovely refresher of 5-7 cm overnight. Expect soft tracks as the snow has had insufficient time and cold temperature to set up. Regardless, its a beautiful day out here and there should be excellent skiing for the next few days! - Comment last updated: Dec-05 8PM

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