Black Jack Grooming Report

Trail Last
Reservoir 0 22-Jan, 11:26AM
Striders 0 22-Jan, 11:26AM
The Grid 23-Jan, 8:33AM
Tall Timbers Classic 0 18-Jan, 10:42AM
Ricochet 21-Jan, 10:37AM
View Point 19-Jan, 8:31AM
Hanna Creek Biathlon Area Last
Tall Timbers 21-Jan, 6:53AM
Biathlon Connector 23-Jan, 6:41AM
Biathlon Loop 21-Jan, 7:14AM
George's Trail 21-Jan, 7:34AM
Neptune Creek 23-Jan, 6:31AM
Bullseye 19-Jan, 8:51AM
Extra Round 19-Jan, 8:41AM
Trigger 21-Jan, 7:19AM
Black Jack Main Trail System Last
Gibbard's 23-Jan, 6:51AM
Golden Queen 23-Jan, 8:16AM
Richie's Loop (Dog Loop) 2 22-Jan, 9:51AM
Roger's Route - Aqueduct (classic only) 0 22-Jan, 11:26AM
Boomer 23-Jan, 6:56AM
Expresso 23-Jan, 7:01AM
Fisher's Loop 23-Jan, 8:11AM
Gold Hill 23-Jan, 8:21AM
Hemlock 23-Jan, 7:41AM
Jeldness 23-Jan, 8:06AM
Loggers 23-Jan, 7:31AM
Morning Star 22-Jan, 9:41AM
Mugwump 22-Jan, 9:01AM
Pipeline 21-Jan, 10:37AM
Terrain Park Trail 22-Jan, 9:56AM
Tim's Trail 23-Jan, 8:26AM
Beaver Pond Hill 23-Jan, 7:11AM
Copper Jack 23-Jan, 7:46AM
Ophir 21-Jan, 10:37AM
Rawhide 23-Jan, 7:06AM
Spitzee 22-Jan, 8:56AM
Tramway 23-Jan, 7:16AM

Report at 23-Jan, 8:35AM PST

22 Jan 2020 9:00 am -2C

Soft, mild day. Overcast; high ceiling. Good snow conditions

We are unable to set track on Tall Timbers Classic for the next 7 days because of mechanical problems with the wide track snowmobiles. We are waiting for the delivery of a new snowmobile plus accessories. In the mean time we can set track on Aqueduct and the Reservoir trail with the two-stroke skidoo and track-setter.

Any skiers entering the Black Jack trails from the Biathlon parking area are required to pay day use fees if you are not a season pass holder. There is a lock box at the entry point to deposit the fees. Day fees are $16 for adults; please prepare with exact change.

A 5-punch pass can be purchased at the kiosk. This is recommended if you plan to ski the biathlon venue multiple times.

Kiosk Hours: Weekdays 9am - 2pm // Weekends 8am - 3pm

PLEASE NOTE: If the information on the grooming map and the trail list on the left do not correspond, consider the map to be accurate.

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