Black Jack Grooming Report

Hanna Creek Biathlon Area Last
Biathlon Loop 15-Dec, 8:51AM
Tall Timbers 0 15-Dec, 8:19AM
Biathlon Connector 15-Dec, 9:58AM
George's Trail 15-Dec, 9:18AM
Neptune Creek 15-Dec, 9:38AM
Bullseye 15-Dec, 8:59AM
Extra Round 15-Dec, 8:29AM
Trigger 15-Dec, 8:41AM
Black Jack Main Trail System Last
Gibbard's 16-Dec, 8:35AM
Golden Queen 16-Dec, 6:18AM
Richie's Loop (Dog Loop) 2 16-Dec, 12:01PM
Roger's Route - Aqueduct (classic only) 0 14-Dec, 8:00AM
Boomer 16-Dec, 8:40AM
Expresso 16-Dec, 8:50AM
Fisher's Loop 16-Dec, 6:23AM
Gold Hill 16-Dec, 6:18AM
Hemlock 16-Dec, 9:25AM
Jeldness 16-Dec, 9:40AM
Loggers 16-Dec, 9:30AM
Morning Star 16-Dec, 6:13AM
Mugwump 16-Dec, 9:00AM
Pipeline 14-Dec, 5:48AM
Terrain Park Trail 16-Dec, 6:28AM
Tim's Trail 16-Dec, 6:23AM
Beaver Pond Hill 16-Dec, 9:35AM
Copper Jack 14-Apr, 9:28AM
Ophir 16-Dec, 7:22AM
Rawhide 16-Dec, 8:50AM
Spitzee Closed
Tramway 16-Dec, 7:52AM

Dec.16, 2018 9:00am -3 C

Snowing lightlyr. All classic single track trails were groomed Friday. day: Tall Timbers, Aqueduct, Reservoir, by-pass of golden Queen and Morning Star.

The Kootenay Cup is happening this Saturday and Sunday on the trails around the Trail Head area. The public is welcome to use the trails; it is easy to skirt the race venue. Please check at the kiosk where maps are posted.

Comments: WELCOME to the 2018-2019 Ski Season! Season Passes are available for pick-up at the kiosk.

The Kiosk is open for the season. Hours will be 9am - 2pm for the time being with longer hours on weekends closer to the holidays. Trail fees still apply outside of kiosk hours Please use the self-pay envelopes in the red mailbox at the Kiosk.

PLEASE NOTE: If the information on the grooming map and the trail list on the left do not correspond, consider the map to be accurate.

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