Black Jack Grooming Report

Trail Last
Adventure Trail 0 05-Apr, 9:32AM
Reservoir 0 04-Apr, 7:54AM
Roger's Route (Aqueduct) 0 04-Apr, 7:54AM
Striders 0 04-Apr, 7:54AM
Tall Timbers Classic Upper 0 04-Apr, 7:54AM
The Grid 04-Apr, 5:23AM
Tall Timbers Classic Lower 0 04-Apr, 7:54AM
Ricochet 05-Apr, 6:27AM
View Point 05-Apr, 7:04AM
Hanna Creek Biathlon Area Last
Tall Timbers 06-Apr, 6:42AM
Biathlon Connector 06-Apr, 10:50PM
Biathlon Loop 06-Apr, 11:15PM
George's Trail 01-Apr, 6:41AM
Neptune Creek 06-Apr, 11:00PM
Bullseye 06-Apr, 6:17AM
Extra Round 06-Apr, 6:17AM
Trigger 06-Apr, 6:07AM
Black Jack Main Trail System Last
Gibbard's 06-Apr, 10:40PM
Golden Queen 06-Apr, 8:33AM
Richie's Loop (Dog Loop) 2 06-Apr, 8:53AM
Boomer 06-Apr, 7:42AM
Expresso 06-Apr, 7:48AM
Fisher's Loop 06-Apr, 10:05PM
Gold Hill 06-Apr, 8:33AM
Hemlock 06-Apr, 8:23AM
Jeldness 06-Apr, 8:33AM
Loggers 05-Apr, 8:36AM
Morning Star 06-Apr, 4:48AM
Mugwump 05-Apr, 9:07AM
Pipeline 06-Apr, 4:38AM
Terrain Park Trail 02-Apr, 5:35AM
Tim's Trail 06-Apr, 10:05PM
Beaver Pond Hill 25-Mar, 8:13AM
Copper Jack 05-Apr, 8:51AM
Ophir 04-Apr, 5:48AM
Rawhide 06-Apr, 7:58AM
Spitzee Closed
Tramway 06-Apr, 8:08AM

Report at 06-Apr, 11:27PM PDT

The kiosk is now closed for the season. Non members please deposit trail fees in the mailbox at the lower trails and in the drop box at the Biathlon area PLEASE NOTE: WITH THE CURRENT PANDEMIC CONDITIONS, ALL SKIERS (CLASSIC AND SKATING), MUST MOVE OVER AND GIVE A PASSING OR PASSED SKIER THE PHYSICAL DISTANCE OF 2M (6FT) MINIMUM! We are fortunate to have lots of trail width to do this. Please respect the need for all folks to have safe space at this critical time.

DOGS ONLY ON DESIGNATED DOG LOOPS. Dogs nor walkers are allowed on the rest of trail system.

We have run out of hand sanitizer for the bathrooms, please can you bring your own.

Groomers corner -

PLEASE NOTE: If the information on the grooming map and the trail list on the left do not correspond, consider the map to be accurate.

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