Allison/Chinook Ski Area

Allison/Chinook Ski Area Grooming Report

XC trails Last
Camp Connector 27-Feb 27-Feb
Camp Loop A - Upper 25-Feb 25-Feb
Camp Loop A- Lower 25-Feb 25-Feb
Camp Shortcut 27-Feb 27-Feb
Jackrabbit 25-Feb 25-Feb
Lower Camp 25-Feb 25-Feb
Marten 25-Feb 25-Feb
Rainbow Run 27-Feb 27-Feb
Shotgun 25-Feb 25-Feb
Upper Camp 27-Feb 27-Feb
Bullmoose 25-Feb 25-Feb
Cabin Trail 25-Feb 25-Feb
Camp Loop B 25-Feb 25-Feb
Camp Loop C 25-Feb 25-Feb
Cedar 25-Feb 25-Feb
Cutline 27-Feb 27-Feb
Cutoff Trail 27-Feb 27-Feb
Hiking Trail 25-Feb 25-Feb
Mainline Loop 27-Feb 27-Feb
Mill Run 25-Feb 25-Feb
Upper Skidder 25-Feb 25-Feb
Whitetail 25-Feb 25-Feb
Dog Trails Last
Lower Haul (Dogs) 25-Feb -
Bypass (Dogs) 13-Feb -
Lower Skidder (Dogs) 25-Feb -
Saw (Dogs) 25-Feb -
Upper Haul (Dogs) 27-Dec -
Back Country Trails Last
Rabbit - -
Beaver - -
Choker Bypass - -
Otter - -
Choker - -
Deadman's Freeway - -
Snowshoe-FatBike Last
Creekside- Snowshoe fat bike 30 25-Feb -

Report at 28-Feb, 4:42AM MST

Grooming report Feb 27, 2020. 2:30pm

Groomed and track set Mainline, Cutoff, Cutline, Rainbow and Lower Camp connector loops. All other trails were trackset yesterday and are in excellent condition.

Red Caution tape has been put up around intersection 601 where Haul and Skidder meet on dog trails. A broken and leaning tree poses a safety hazard. For your safety, please stay clear of the area. AB Environment and Parks is organizing to have it taken down.

If you see snowmobiles or ATV's on the Allison trails other than our grooming sleds, please report them to the “Report-a-Poacher” hotline at 1-800-642-3800 as soon as possible. We want to keep our trails safe.

Live grooming reports provided by Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club with support from Alberta Parks

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