SkiTrails makes trail reporting for cross country ski areas easy.

By tracking your grooming equipment using GPS technology, trail reports can be accurately, automatically, and quickly generated.

Specially designed GPS trackers periodically transmit your groomers' location to our server where it's stored in a database. There is also an iPhone tracker app which you can use as a low-cost way of getting started.

Once the location has been transmitted, SkiTrails will generate a map of what you've groomed, calculate which trails you've groomed and update your trail status table, update the table and map on your website and send trail grooming reports to your customers.

Skiers can use the SkiTrails Maps iPhone app to view the trail map, and using the GPS in their phone, figure out where they are.

All of this is done real-time, while you're grooming.

Download the product brochure, or take a look at the support pages for more details (including a FAQ, manuals and software downloads).

How to get started


Install your tracking devices.


Track your grooming activies. If you've loaded map data already, that's it. SkiTrails will take care of the rest.